R&D Tax Relief

  • High quality R&D Tax Relief advice from ex-Big 4 experts
  • Typical fee 9% – 13%
  • 100% claim success rate
  • No multiple year contracts required


Our experience

Our specialist team has extensive experience of assisting companies make R&D claims and has a 100% success rate of agreeing those claims with HMRC.

We use a proven methodology to ensure that claims are clear, robust and maximised, while minimising the time required from clients and their staff. We have experience of making claims across a wide range of industries, from the travel sector to mining, software development, food manufacturing, translation, financial services, engineering and pharmaceuticals. No industry should be thought of as ‘off the table’. Our team also has experience of submitting claims on behalf of companies of very different scales – from the largest multinational groups, to small start-ups of only a few people.

If your company is undertaking any kind of product, process or system development, then you should be thinking about R&D Tax Relief and we would be please to discuss this with you.

Our Services

At TAP we are able to offer our clients Big 4 expertise, but with a more open and flexible approach to client service and fees.

Our team is led by Gillian Abramson, who was a key member of a Big 4 R&D Tax Relief team for several years before deciding to move to a smaller firm in order to increase the flexibility and value she was able to offer to clients.

Gillian has a 100% success rate in agreeing claims with HMRC, ensuring both that claims are maximised, and that a process is embedded for future periods.

Gillian’s background is in physics and as a result our R&D and Patent Box services are based on a genuine belief in the merits of incentivising innovation in the UK, and the positive effect that this has on our economy. Our fees are structured in order to ensure that companies undertaking qualifying R&D activity receive as much of the cash benefit of making an R&D claim as possible. If you would like more information on our services and fees please call us on 0113 261 1706 or email gillian.abramson@taxadvisorypartnership.com.

Initial call

We will start by offering you a free initial call to discuss your company’s activities and whether R&D Tax Relief may be relevant to you.

Claim services

If from this initial call it is determined that R&D is relevant to your business, we will offer you a meeting. The range of R&D claim services we can provide will depend on each client’s individual needs. However, some examples of the services we offer include the following:

  • Full claim preparation and submission, including determining where the R&D activity happens in your business, analysing your accounting records to establish the qualifying expenditure, preparing the claim and supporting documentation to meet the requirements of HMRC and, if required, negotiation of the claim with HMRC.
  • A compliance review to ensure that an R&D claim prepared by you or another adviser will be robust to HMRC scrutiny and doesn’t contain obvious points of omission or error;
  • Assistance with your own claim preparation and submission. For example, if you have resource in-house and would like us to provide you with a lower level service than we would provide with full claim preparation and submission. We would not advise this option if you have not made a claim in a previous year;
  • Knowledge transfer and training on the R&D Tax Relief claims process. If you wish to take the process largely in-house in future years we can assist you by training your people, embedding a methodology and providing guidance on the documentation you will need;
  • Assistance with HMRC enquiries into R&D claims which you have prepared in-house or which have been prepared by another adviser.


Our fees

We offer flexible and ethical fee structures, with a range of options:

Contingent fee

  • no win, no fee;
  • rates are typically 9% – 13% of the cash benefit received for a SME claim;
  • our fee can be capped at a maximum amount;
  • no multiple year contracts.


Fixed fee

A fixed fee may be appropriate for a discrete and ‘known quantity’ piece of work, for example a claim review or client training session.

Time based fee

Based on the number of hours spent on a piece of work – this is generally used for ad hoc assistance or assistance with an enquiry into a claim made by another adviser.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

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For more information, contact Gillian Abramson on:

Tel: 0113 261 1706 or 020 8037 1100
Email: gillian.abramson@taxadvisorypartnership.com