Our Patent Box Services

TAP has brought together a team of experienced professionals with a unique depth of experience in taxation reliefs for innovative companies, patent law and management.

We can work with clients in the following ways:

  1. Initial no-obligation assessment

    We want to hear from innovative companies and we will offer a free initial telephone assessment on the potential application of the new Patent Box tax regime to your business. Send an e-mail to patentbox@taxadvisorypartnership.com or call 0113 261 1706 or 020 8037 1100.

  2. Feasibility study

    If the Patent Box has application to your business, we can offer an initial feasibility study to assess whether and to what extent, making a Patent Box claim will provide a cash benefit for your company or group.

  3. Patent Box Report and Computation

    Our team will prepare a full Patent Box eligibility report and tax computation for submission to HMRC, setting out the basis and quantum of your company’s Patent Box claim.

  4. Liaison with HMRC

    Patent Box is a legitimate incentive offered by HMRC and they want eligible Companies to be making claims. It requires an “opt in” election and acceptance of the claim by HMRC. Our team is very experienced in liaising with HMRC in relation to innovation incentives and corporation tax reliefs. As part of our submission service we will provide any liaison required with HMRC and deal with any queries they may have.

  5. Planning services

    We are uniquely placed to advise on ways of ensuring your company makes the most of the innovation tax reliefs. Some of the planning services we can offer are as follows:

    • help you in assessing whether patent protection will sufficiently reduce your corporation tax liability to justify the cost of the patent process;
    • advise on whether actual or proposed patent licence agreements are drafted appropriately from a Patent Box perspective;
    • provide advice in relation to the best way to structure your group’s IP arrangements in order to take advantage of both Patent Box and R&D Tax Credits.

For more information, contact Gillian Abramson on:

Tel: 0113 261 1706 or 020 8037 1100
Email: gillian.abramson@taxadvisorypartnership.com