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With increasing wealth with comes increasing complexity. Ensuring your hard-earned wealth and prized assets are secured in the most appropriate structure, built on expert advice and using the best service providers, is essential.

Drawing on our in-house team of specialists in UK, US and international taxation we can design and deliver the most appropriate structure for you, which will resolve issues including succession planning, family governance and cross-border tax.

We handle the entire process from our initial discussion to establishing the final structure:

  • Drafting an initial proposal document setting out your goals and options;
  • Refining the final structure with you;
  • Obtaining the specialist tax, legal and other third-party advice required to ensure the structure is flexible, secure and compliant with local and international laws;
  • Drawing on our network of trusted advisers to source the best onshore/offshore corporate and fiduciary partners to assist with operating the structure;
  • Manage all parties involved to ensure a timely, cost-effective and seamless implementation process.

From setting up a standalone company to hold a single asset or investment to the provision of a large multi-jurisdictional structure holding financial investments, real estate, shareholdings, luxury assets and art, we can assist.

Please refer to our case studies for specific examples.