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We have carefully developed our network of trusted advisers and intermediaries, so that we can draw on each other’s strengths and mutually support one another’s clients, as required. As a result, an important part of the TAP Family Office is to provide advice and guidance to our intermediary partners, so they can ultimately better serve their clients.

We are on hand to speak to you for free about any client enquiry, however big or small, providing our thoughts and guidance on anything that your clients want resolved. Across our team we have either seen it before or know someone who has, which will help you save time and effort and demonstrates a real value added service to your clients.

Our ultimate aim is to become an integral part of your team – someone you can bounce ideas off at any time and who you can rely on to provide honest, conflict-free advice.

Whether you are a Banker seeking guidance on your client’s offshore structuring or a Real Estate Agent with investment deals looking for buyers*, pick up the phone and we can have a friendly chat.

Please refer to our case studies for specific examples.

*TAP Family Office Services LLP is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and does not give investment advice.