Advising private companies and their shareholders

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The needs and considerations of a privately owned entity are often different to those of a listed, multi-national company. The objectives of the shareholders, directors and the business tend to be far greater aligned.

We work with companies and their shareholders throughout the whole spectrum of the business life, as they establish, grow and ultimately exit their business. The advice they require evolves throughout this journey and having been through the entire cycle with our clients we can provide real-life, commercial tax solutions.

We assist with establishing the business in the most suitable structure from both the business and the owners’ perspectives, by balancing their differing needs.

As the business grows we work closely with the management team and owners to provide tax support and advice as the need arises. This includes preparing the company’s annual corporation tax return, providing structuring advice as the business expands and advice on tax efficient profit extraction. A company may also seek additional working capital and we help our clients with Enterprise Investment Scheme structuring and tax efficient loan funding.

Ultimately, we provide support and structuring advice if and when the owners wish to sell the business or introduce new shareholders. For example, we assist with structuring the transaction to maximise Entrepreneurs’ Relief or providing management with equity to incentivise them to grow the business.

If the owners or management require any personal tax support, we can also provide this integrated approach.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting, contact Russ Cahill on 0113 426 9310 or Helen Mallalieu on 0113 426 9311.