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US Tax Compliance and Advice for Individuals

Do I have to file US tax returns?

This question is often asked by those who have a US element to their tax affairs, particularly US citizens, green card holders and even Non-resident aliens. Occasionally the answer is not immediately obvious and non-US residents can find that they had an obligation to file that they were unaware of.

The IRS taxes based on citizenship not residency, meaning ‘accidental American’s’ and even ‘delinquent filers’ may have an obligation to pay tax to the IRS. Even where there is no tax liability, there is usually nevertheless a continuing requirement to file federal and potentially state tax returns for most US citizens. Further information on the requirement to file a return can be found in this article.

Our specialist US desk supports US citizens living abroad in order to help them get up-to-date with their offshore affairs and will work closely with yourself and your financial advisor, lawyer or other professionals, to help minimise any tax burden you may face.

We can assist individuals with the majority of their US tax related issues such as:

  • US Federal Filings
  • US State filings
  • Non-resident Alien Federal and State Filings
  • Reports of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBARs)
  • Keeping US expats up-to-date with their annual filing requirement
  • Streamlined Offshore Procedure, the Voluntary Compliance Programme
  • Expatriation with respect to the United States
  • US pension advice
  • US residency position
  • US trusts and Foreign ‘Gift’ transactions
  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) related schedules
  • US citizens with an interest in a foreign corporation
  • Dual US and UK resident’s tax compliance in order to maximise utility
  • Non-domiciled in the UK with a tax position in the US
  • Tax treaty planning
  • Wealth structuring with respect to Remittance planning

In addition to providing advice and assistance on all US taxes, we are all dual handlers, which means that we are well placed to also advise on your UK tax filing obligations and prepare calculations of the interaction of the two systems. Where detailed offshore and onshore tax planning and structuring advice is needed (such as buying property in the UK or how to structure offshore wealth etc.), we would be pleased to introduce our colleagues in the International Tax Planning team, to provide a complete service to our clients.

Our Fees

We work on a fixed fee basis and will always agree fees in advance once the scope of the advice and/or compliance requirements has been agreed with a client.

Your Contact

Scott Wickham leads the US desk at TAP. He is a dual US and UK handler who specialises in assisting US citizens living abroad including those who have fallen behind on their US tax return filings.

TAP offers an initial free introductory telephone call with a view to assessing your tax position and agreeing the scope of the work with regards providing formal detailed advice and/or assistance with your tax return preparation.

Please email Scott at [email protected] or he can be reached on +44 (0) 20 80371081.