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We recognise that it is difficult to remain up to date in all aspects of taxation. With each Budget tax reliefs are withdrawn and new ones are introduced. HMRCs positioning on raising and conducting enquiries and the payment of tax also shifts alongside Treasury policy.

Client’s needs also change and occasionally they require more specialist advice on restructuring their business or planning for a future disposal, succession planning or divorce. The list of one-off situations is almost endless and each brings its own peculiarities and, of course, risks.

We all work hard to maintain our continuing professional development but often it is worth discussing issues, especially complex issues or those outside our comfort zone, with other professionals who perhaps operate in a more specialist area.

At Tax Advisory Partnership we value our professional connections almost as highly as we value our clients. We work hard to maintain those connections and find areas where we can work with other advisors to help widen the services and advice they can offer their own clients and help strengthen that relationship.

If you are a professional advisor, whether an IFA, a lawyer or a tax and accountancy advisor and you require specialist support on any matter, or if you would like to simply discuss further any of the topics covered on our website, we will be pleased to assist you. The specialist services we can provide include:

  • All UK tax planning and compliance services – focused on your client’s specific needs;
  • Assistance in handling HMRC Enquiries;
  • Help sourcing and advising on tax efficient investments and bespoke structures;
  • Property transactions; and
  • Structuring and restructuring your clients business so as to be more tax efficient.

We are fully flexible and are happy to be engaged by you or your client, as appropriate and in strict confidence.

If you require our assistance or if you just want to talk through a particular client scenario, then please contact us.