Succession Planning & Philanthropy

Of utmost importance to our clients is the need to secure their hard-earned wealth so that it is safe and can provide for their family’s requirements well into the future, whatever happens.

Alongside safeguarding your wealth for the next generation is ensuring that the next generation are ready to take on the responsibilities associated with managing and growing often significant family wealth, with all the complexities and intricacies that go with it.

We have significant experience of advising on holding structures for complex family wealth, including luxury assets, real estate, art and private shareholdings situated across multiple jurisdictions. These structures can be tailored to incorporate the next generation in functions that engage and assist them in the effective management of the family wealth, so they can be confident in their own future leadership roles.

As wealth grows so does the desire to commit a segment to a charitable, educational, or other philanthropic cause that is close to the family’s heart. As well as enhancing the family’s profile, it can highlight this cause to a wider audience, attracting interest and potential donations.

Foundations and charitable trusts are the primary structuring tools, which we are well versed in establishing as well as assisting in wider activities involving the family, additional donors, sourcing suitable charities and reputational considerations.