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Our clients tell us that our advice is most effective when we are working very closely with them. We achieve this by spending time with their people, working at their premises, attending team meetings and speaking with them on a regular basis so that we effectively become part of their team.

As part of this, we work closely with group Directors to understand the group objectives and to ensure that these are met.

There are a number of ways of achieving this and we are flexible in finding a way that suits each client. We find that many of our clients like to have a set fee arrangement whereby they pay a monthly fee and get a certain amount of our time devoted to them, be that through answering queries, undertaking projects or preparing tax returns. This provides certainty for the client over their costs and means they can ask that niggling question without worrying how much it will cost!

Alternatively, if a business only needs tax advice occasionally, we can agree a basis to accommodate that too. The key is finding something that works for everybody and our personal, flexible approach means this can happen.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting, contact Russ Cahill on 0113 426 9310 or Helen Mallalieu on 0113 426 9311.

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