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Almost every business will have a question about tax at some point (and most do on a regular basis!), so we provide our clients with solutions in a way that suits them.

Increasingly, modern businesses are having to operate on a global basis, be it through making worldwide sales, employees travelling abroad or setting up offices or subsidiaries in other countries. Whilst this globalisation is made easier by the advances in technology, this in itself can bring complications from a tax perspective. Global authorities are looking at the worldwide issue of where profits should be taxed, which is expected to result in significant changes to the way the current tax regime works. Businesses are therefore finding that they need even more support when it comes to their tax affairs, both in the UK and internationally.

Transfer pricing is one area which is under scrutiny. The internal prices set by a group can determine where the group’s profits arise and therefore which jurisdiction they are taxed in. We can assist groups in setting and implementing their transfer pricing policy so that it adheres to the necessary rules and documentation requirements, whilst also being tax efficient.

We also advise on how to structure a worldwide group to give maximum efficiency to tax liabilities whilst ensuring that the desired cashflows and return of profits are achieved. Expanding overseas might, for example, require you to establish a local branch. Some jurisdictions insist that operations are within a company and others go even further by insisting that such entities are partly owned by a local person. Each of these scenarios can result in very different tax liabilities and therefore materially impact on the net profit you make. A group’s requirements in this respect are therefore always unique and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ business is critical to ensure we offer the best advice.

There are many other ways in which we assist and support our clients whilst they carry on their businesses, and we work hard to find the best way to work with each one.

For more information, or to arrange a meeting, contact Russ Cahill on 0113 426 9310 or Helen Mallalieu on 0113 426 9311.

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