Property Tax

Budget 2018 – summary of key tax announcements

The Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced his final post-Brexit budget. From a personal tax perspective, the Budget contained a number of small changes to existing rules and confirmation of policies already announced but not much new of major significance. As expected, the key announcement in terms of business taxation is the introduction of a Digital Services Tax on very large businesses and partial relief from business rates at the other end of the scale. The key issues are summarised as follows: Rates and ... Read More

Changes for Non-Resident Investors in UK Land

Since April 2015, certain non-resident persons (including individuals, trustees and closely-held companies) have been generally chargeable to non-resident capital gains tax (“NRCGT”) on gains arising on the disposal of UK residential property interests Following the 2017 Autumn Budget, the government has now published draft legislation to tax all gains arising in respect of disposals of interests in UK land and buildings, regardless of the nature of the property or the residence of the disposing entity, with effect from April 2019. The rules will ... Read More