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Budget 2018 – summary of key tax announcements

The Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced his final post-Brexit budget. From a personal tax perspective, the Budget contained a number of small changes to existing rules and confirmation of policies already announced but not much new of major significance. As expected, the key announcement in terms of business taxation is the introduction of a Digital Services Tax on very large businesses and partial relief from business rates at the other end of the scale. The key issues are summarised as follows: Rates and ... Read More

TAP advises on MBO

MBO AT £15M-TURNOVER CCTV FIRM Eyes on the prize as CCTV firm completes MBO Read More

TAP Client Survey 2014

The TAP ethos is to provide efficient and exceptional client service. The name of our business was deliberately chosen to represent the relationship we want to have with each of our clients. We work in partnership with every client to help them comply fully with their tax filing responsibilities, and ensure they pay the right tax, at the right time. In addition we will consider each client’s circumstances and advise on any opportunities there might be to legitimately reduce exposure to tax ... Read More