Case Study

Oil & Gas Workers

We have many client’s who leave the UK to work in the Oil and Gas Industry.A common scenario is for an employee to spend their working time in a low or zero tax regime, but then to spend the rest of the time when they are not working back here in the UK.Due to the nature of these contracts the time spent in the UK can be quite significant and it can be quite easy for an the expat employee to ... Read More

The UK beneficiaries of an Offshore Trust

Our client is an offshore trust which holds a 100% shareholding in an offshore investment company, which held reserves of income and capital gains accumulated over many years.The trustees were intending to make significant distributions to the UK resident and domiciled beneficiaries and needed advice regarding the most tax-efficient method of making these to them.The trust was affected by the “transfer of assets abroad” anti-avoidance provisions, the effect of which is to match any income distributions and other benefits provided to ... Read More

The MBA Graduate

Our client, a non-domciled expat, had recently started a new role with a UK employer following completion of his MBA at a leading US college, at a significant cost.Following a review of his affairs we were able to identify that whilst his MBA study costs had been reimbursed by his employer, the reimbursed amount had been taxed in full via his employers payroll. This is often standard practice, but is not always the correct treatment. A further review of the clients employment ... Read More

The Investor Visa

We often advise individuals who are moving to the UK on how to structure their financial and business affairs in a tax efficient manner, prior to their arrival.A recent case in point was a non-UK domiciled and non-UK resident individual relocating to the UK. Our client was entering the UK on a Tier 1 Investor Visa and, following an initial consultation, we prepared a detailed tax report to plan for his arrival in the UK. In particular, the client wanted to ... Read More

The Overseas Investor

Our client, a non-UK domiciled individual, has lived in the UK for a number of years. Initially, his “non-dom” status allowed him to access the remittance basis of taxation and he did not suffer UK tax on investment returns that he retained overseas.This was a pleasing result, but the landscape changed from April 2008 with the introduction of the £30k remittance basis charge (“RBC”) – see our Non-UK Domicile page for more detail. As our client’s overseas investment returns did not ... Read More

The Russian Private Equity Advisor

Our recent work for a Russian client provides some good examples of planning which can be considered for a UK resident but non-UK domiciled individual.Our client works for a US headquartered Private Equity business but is based in the UK. He sought our advice as he was looking to acquire a larger home to accommodate a new addition to his young family.The immediate question was how he could make effective use of his offshore assets to help to fund the purchase. ... Read More

The Private Practice Surgeon

A number of our clients work in the medical profession, and self-employed consultants in particular, will invariably require professional assistance with their tax affairs.A recent case in point was a surgeon who had started to undertake private work. She found herself having to navigate a brave new world of taxation as a self employed consultant and sought our advice on how to comply and respond tax efficiently to this regime.First and foremost, we needed to advise her of the “basis periods” ... Read More

The French Musician

Our client, a successful French recording artist, is a US resident taxpayer. In 2010 she performed on a short tour of the UK earning a total guarantee of $80,000. As a performer appearing in the UK special tax rules apply which mean her gross income is subject to 20% withholding tax, in this case $16,000.This does not take into account any of her allowable tour expenses and would have a significant impact on her cash flow and ability to fund the ... Read More