Arron Fitzgerald

UK Tax Director

Arron has over 18 years’ experience in a broad range of personal tax issues. Having started his career with HMRC in 2003, Arron has since worked for PwC, Herbert Smith, and Smith & Williamson before joining TAP in September 2020.

Arron has a particular specialism in the area of non-domiciled taxation and since 2010 has been focussed on providing tax services to individuals across the world working in the UK’s SME alternative finance sector.

He also has extensive experience in handling HMRC enquiries and securing favourable outcomes for affected clients.

Outside of the office, Arron enjoys spending time with his pets and his garden. He’s also keen to jet off to the ski slopes whenever possible, where his attempts to impress other skiers with eye-catching stunts invariably end face-down in the snow.

Telephone: 020 8037 1065